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Important note to all guildies:

After a long time of not allowing alts in, we've decided to give everyone the opportunity to get one alt in the guild again. It's under some strict rules unfortunately, though. We've updated the section at the "Rules" tab above, please check it out so you're up to date about the alt policies of Signature. The ranks have also been slightly adjusted, the Professional rank has been implemented again. Check the "Guild Members" tab for more information.

-Xx Rayne & Blantuise


Hello, and welcome to the guild website of Signature! 

To members and non-members of our guild, feel free to look around! 
The forum's all yours, guildies, I hope you'll all find it useful and enjoy it :) 

The website is ever-updating, for any suggestions about the website, please tell me either in-game, leave a post at the forums or send me a personal message.

Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

LadyRinsun, May 13, 12 9:16 AM.

It's again required for people to be at least level 30 to join our guild. This is because of the maximum amount of members limit Ankama threw on us. Unfortunately, we don't have room in the guild at the moment to get everyone an alt in. Fortunately, this also means we've got around 150 active individuals ;) The more people the merrier~ Rules concerning joining alts have been changed too, see above.

Guild Message:

Great work on the GP guys, just a few more!
We now accept alts under special conditions again. Check the guild website for more details.

Recent achievements: 

We've got the amazing Haven World at the Amakna Headquarters! Congrats everyone! The buildings are steadily progressing (we had a setback during the building bug, but that's been fixed now ^^) and it's looking prettier each day. Let's gather as much cash as possible again to keep funding our Haven Worlds growth!
Signature's been around for ONE YEAR since TODAY (7th of May, 2013). Congratulations everyone! To a long, looong lasting Signature! *raises glass of weird booze*

-Xx Blantuise & Rayne


Please be nice to the Ecosystem always :) Any suggestions, complaints or anything else to share? Just let me or anyone else of the Government know. Bored? The Government could use bombs or lanterns to improve your mining in Amakna.

-Xx Rayne
Signed Rayne & Blantuise,
Vula 12/25/2014 5:35 PM
merry chirstmas guild
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